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About Mission Academy

Education on Mission

Mission Academy is a Private Christian School 10 years in the making.  Started by state certified public school teachers, who were tired of belonging to an outdated form of education, that does not have the tools needed to produce quality education.  It is with this in mind, they decided to do something about it, and Mission Academy was born.


The mission of Mission Academy is to create lifelong learners, with a Christ centered robust education.  

We currently serve grades K-8, and are continuing to look at expanding to serve all students.  

Meet The Team

Debbie has worked in education for 10 years now. Earning her Master's in Reading Education, with a Master's certification in dyslexia from Southeastern University.  Debbie currently is a Florida State certified Professional teacher.  She also currently holds an endorsements in ESE education and reading.  She has extensive training in community care and counseling. Her passion is teaching students to read, and setting them up to become lifelong learners. 

Josh is certified by the state of Florida to teach in  various areas. He is currently certified to teach ESE education, Health, and Math. Josh has spent the past 7 years teaching students in grades 4-12. He has taught PE, Math, Bible, and Science. His passion is getting students outside, and seeing the everyday practical use of education. He received his Master's in Theological Studies from Liberty University, and his BS in counseling from Southeastern University. 

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