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Mission Sent is an organization that believes in serving others, the way Christ serves us.  It is with this cornerstone that we recognize “Mission Sent exists to educate, equip, and engage the people of our community to live lives on Mission.”  Whether it is academics, life skills, physical needs like clothing or food, our vision is “Whatever it takes to complete the Mission”. 

Meet the Founders..





Meet Debbie, friends!  She is married to Josh and she is mom to three kiddos.  Twin girls and one boy. She was raised in Winter Park, Florida and now resides in the Four Townes Community where she is a Special Education Teacher in the local Public School system, a church planter with her hubby who leads the church, and she doubles as a Podcast host with him as well.

Debbie graduated from Southeastern University with a BS in Organizational Leadership and a Minor in Business.  She also has a Masters’ Degree, from Southeastern University in Reading Education and a Graduate Certification in Dyslexia. Debbie started her journey back in school, working towards a Doctorate in Community Counseling/Mental Health with an emphasis in Trauma studying at Liberty University.  

She loves serving in her community and it is that passion that drove her to come alongside her husband and children to start Mission Sent.

Josh wears many hats, and loves to serve others with all those hats.  He graduated from Southeastern University with a BS in Human Services, with an emphasis in Counseling.  He uses that degree to get you the help you need.  After that, Josh graduated from Liberty University with a MA in Theological Studies, with an emphasis in Biblical studies.

He serves as pastor of Mission Sent, and is a full time, FLDOE certified teacher in Volusia County.  Along with Debbie, Josh hosts Practically Christian Podcast, and produces much of the content on MissionMedia.

In his spare time, you will find Josh spending time with his family, fixing things at the house, or fishing.  



Shelby Manchester is a born and raised Florida Four Townes native. She has resided in two other states but made her way back to Florida a little over two years ago, putting down roots here, for now. Depending on the setting, she may bear the title aunt, sister, daughter, friend, or teacher.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Intercultural Studies from Southeastern University, along with a master’s degree from Biola University in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Linguistics.

Her big life dream is to one day live in Latin America and open an orphanage where the fatherless and motherless can come to know and experience the love of Christ as they are brought in and cared for, the same way Jesus has done for His children.


Prior to moving back to Florida in 2018, she worked in the events industry as a catering manager. As of now, she is a 5th grade teacher at a local elementary school and loves it. Her students’ quick wit, tender hearts, and sense of humor keep her grounded. Her classroom is one of her favorite places to be.  Even before entering the field of education full time, she has always spent a great deal of time around children, finding in them a joy and freedom often lost on those older in years.  

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